Week 3: Gearing up to travel

Week 3 came and went in a flash and just as I caught my breath from the busy weekend, I immediately prepped for week 4’s trip to San Francisco, pushing assignments thru in feature story-writing, online portfolios, team websites and social media tools, personal blog posts and LinkedIn profiles. I never stopped experiencing and learning from my adopted Middle Eastern brood. One night I went to the dorms with Sawyer and two friends in tow to deliver homemade pasta and salad just as they broke fast. The girls got henna tattoos while I visited with the students during downtime. It was a delight. Another day Sawyer and Addie taught the students how to make ‘marshmallow buddies’ and friendship bracelets. We spent one day in class watching al Gezeer’s coverage of the unrest in Egypt. Many of the students had friends there and the reports of violence and rapes caused preoccupation I couldn’t deny.

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