I’m all in.

Today I completed a final report to celebrate the Plank Center Educator Fellowship experience. The report articulates What I hope to achieve and receive, What I experienced, Integration and application, and Areas of opportunity. In it are descriptions, graphs, visuals and notes outlining all that was learned, absorbed and re-purposed during my experience.

Although the relationships don’t end and the opportunities for ongoing engagement are plenty – I have to give my proper sign off… “I’m all in” – the words spoken by division heads at the close of their reports at staff meetings. I loved it. What a positive way to say ‘I’ve said it all for now – let’s keep going.”

So in reflection…

In early 2014 I received the call for submissions to The Plank Center Educators Fellowship program. I was immediately drawn in by the idea of exchange; the opportunity to be partnered with an organization communication division and learn first-hand about their culture, operation and processes.

This experience not only met expectations – it exceeded all I thought was possible. To be partnered with Harley-Davidson was exciting in itself. To ultimately meet the amazing people, catch the fever of their 111-year brand and walk through the halls of the original manufacturing plant only added to the terrific impact of the fellowship.

Thank you Harley-Davidson Motor Co. and Plank Center leaders and advocates for creating this fellowship and your tireless support throughout the experience.

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