Day 4: Enjoying the ride

Today I was exposed to the most important aspect of Harley-Davidson… the ride. The ride is not just the bike or the route – it is about the people and the fire they carry – the community, the experience, the passion. The workday was full with a focus on media and influencer response to the earnings report + discussion and the communications plans in development. Tony and I met again about the messaging he is developing for employees share the Harley-Davidson message outside of the company. I got a good start on a second iteration of the narrative map I developed on Day 2 for post earnings media coverage – expanding it to include blogs, social media and other digital chatter by reporters, influencers and experts. The day ended a bit early as me, Pat, John and Chris prepared for the ultimate Educator Experience!… THE RIDE (followed by the Museum’s weekly Bike Night and dinner at MOTOR).

Pat and John from the corporate team were gracious enough to take Chris and I on a ride across the great city of Milwaukee. They came up with a special route that would give us the best overview of the sounds, colors and scenery of such a historic place. We went on major freeways, backroad highways and side streets. We drove through some of the most stunning neighborhoods with sprawling classic mansions, walk ups and kitschy new condos. It was intense on the freeways being so close to semis and SUVs and feeling the roar of the road and hum of the bike with each acceleration. John was at the helm for me while Chris rode with Pat – both of us in total awe of the freedom we felt. It was a fantastic experience and one we will never forget.

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