Day 1: Harley headquarters

What a joy it is to experience a ‘first day’ when HR paperwork, benefits orientation and IT stress calls aren’t part of it!

First off I must note the stellar aesthetics, ambiance, energy and overall operational layout of their corporate offices. The building is the original manufacturing plant – 100+ years old with all the joys and irritations that go with it. A recent interior overhaul brought offices and work spaces up to trend and branding standards creating a great atmosphere for working and engaging across divisions and hierarchy. Nice lighting, low cubicle divisions, glass executive offices and central operating features make it feel both collaborative and efficient.

My host the next two weeks is the impressive corporate communications team. Think business side (vs. product side). The group overseas two core Areas of Expertise in integrated communications and reputation management. Under these core groups they emphasize regional and operations communications. I am very excited to experience so many aspects of investor relations, dealer relations, internal communications, media relations and so much more.

A full day comes to an end. Back at it tomorrow!

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