Heading to Milwaukee

July 21 through August 2 I will embark on a new professional adventure. This spring I was awarded a fellowship through The Plank Center at the University of Alabama to serve as an Educator Fellow in partnership with Harley Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee, WI. I will work directly with Joanne Bishmann, VP Communications and her team.

The Plank Center’s mission is to “develop and recognize outstanding leaders and role models in public relations” and is led by a national advisory board of leading educators and practitioners. The Fellowship for Educators Program seeks to bridge the gap between practitioners and educators with a two-week partnership designed to expose professors to current day-to-day operations of the public relations function while enhancing the practioner’s appreciation for research, theory and curriculum in modern classroom teaching.

2014 marks the 4th year of the fellowship. 5-15 faculty are selected nationally each year to participate. Host organizations of past fellows include American Red Cross, BMW, Home Depot, Tesoro, Ketchup PR in Chicago and New York, McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson, Sprint, among others. I will be the first faculty from WSU to participate

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