The Digital Landscape – Now

Today my focus is in content strategy. Kevin Nichols of SapientNitro defines it as “getting the right content to the right user at the right time.” Perhaps an oversimplification. I would add that having a content strategy means managing content throughout its lifecycle. It begins and ends with brand platform and messaging – strategic, consistent, purposeful, meaningful.

I want students to understand the differences and connections between paid (awareness), owned (purchased) and earned (advocacy) tactics and the end-users’ (or consumers) thought process during the stages of consideration, decision and loyalty.

This content strategy applies to the work practitioners produce across all media channels. It is in direct correlation with how practitioners communicate effectively with journalists and translates intentionally into the modified messages for paid promotions, outreach and grassroots efforts.

What is not in question is the fact that the digital landscape has changed the rules and both journalists and public relations professionals must adjust. I want to be at the table together. That is why the visiting professorship opportunity would be an amazing experience.

Google “death of journalism,” and you will see 292,000 results. Search “death of PR” and you’ll find 195,000 results. Business Wire wanted to investigate the misperceptions for both industries and in 2014, conducted a study with more than 300 North American journalists. Their research showed a new face of journalism, the role and value of public relations and the evolution of both.

View their complete Guidance Report and survey results

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