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In 2017 I was briefly proud of myself for creating and maintaining a professional portfolio. Alas, I did not maintain it. But I am happy to note that I am leading by example with the launch of an entirely new and updated professional online portfolio. My previous portfolio was built in Wix but ultimately I found it to be cumbersome. As I work in WordPress every day for my course blogs and grant, I opted to shift to a new CMS.

“… the best portfolios share three traits: unity, navigability, and simplicity.”

Glasgow Caledonian University

I have integrated professional online portfolio development in two of my classes this spring. Over 4-5 phases, students plan, conceptualize, and populate a customized online portfolio designed to showcase their talents and core competencies. I really enjoy reviewing what they put together. Murrow College has so many talented students and working professionals. I find that the online portfolio assignment is the best way to incentivize them to take the time to create a personal brand platform, determine core messaging about themselves, update their resume and LinkedIn profile, and begin to tell the story of the work they produce. It is not an easy task. It takes time and energy.

Intrigued about this process? Read on…

There are 4 principles of portfolio design according to Glasgow Caledonian University

  1. Keep each page of your online portfolio uniform. Come up with a basic design and background that is repeated on all pages
  2. Create continuity by keeping associated items parallel with each other from one page to the next
  3. Use headings for short blocks of text and when you need to use long blocks (e.g. essay or assignment), show clear links back to the root page
  4. Set up your portfolio so when users visit, they open to a new window or tab

For my undergraduate students, I established 5 phases:

Rebecca L. Cooney 5 phases for online portfolio development

With each step they get closer to a final work product they will promote on their social channels and LinkedIn profile. They also conduct a mini digital footprint audit, update their LinkedIn profile, and create a re-imagined resume.

I have officially joined them on this quest and I am excited to showcase this next iteration.

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