Fancy up your bio with Adobe Spark

Creating a personal bio with Adobe Spark Page

I teach four classes each semester. With each class, I have to introduce myself so I am always looking for creative ways to provide an overview of my personal and professional background that isn’t just a straight-forward bio. So – I recently created an Adobe Spark Web Page:

“Transform your ideas into stunning visual stories”

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free tool available to users via browser or mobile application. You can create social media posts, web pages, presentations, videos, and other promotional materials such as posters, flyers, postcards, etc. It is a great tool to introduce into the curriculum as students can begin creating immediately. I have several assignments that use Adobe Spark as the tool and it is always fun to see what students create.


Well – you, too can create an Adobe Spark Page that outlines your personal story and showcases images and/or video. Once published you will have a URL you can share with friends and colleagues. In Adobe Spark Pages you can customize their templates or start from scratch to create a travel journal, photo journal, announcement, portfolio, photo story, or newsletter. A sample outline for your Adobe Spark Page includes:

  1. Title frame
  2. Introduction
  3. Photo or video – single or glide show
  4. Image with pull out quote or content
  5. More content telling the story
  6. Image gallery in a collage style
  7. More content telling the story
  8. Image with pull out quote or content
  9. More content and images (continue to create flow and rhythm)
  10. Closing frame
  11. Links to your social channels or email address

Go forth and create!

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