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I just came across a great resource page from the WSU Vancouver Knowledge Base about enabling student recording in Panopto. Below is a VERBATIM copy of their page at Kudos to WSU Vancouver for providing such a great resource for faculty.

If you have not done so already, in order for students to be able to record using Panopto – you must first set up Panopto in Blackboard. Follow the instructions provided by Academic Outreach and Innovation:

Enabling Student Recording in Panopto

Source: Panopto: Provisioning Blackboard Courses in Panopto. (2020). Retrieved 11 March 2020, from

  1. First, go to the course’s Blackboard site and click on Tools/Panopto Content.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right to access the settings for the folder.
  3. From the Overview menu, click on Create Assignment Folder. Then click the X in the upper right of that window to close the pop up.
  4. A folder labeled “your course name” [assignments] should appear.

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