The art of self-advocacy Part 2: Keep sharing

Pro tip: Don’t bury the stories other writers share about you or where you are quoted. Instead, showcase them in your very own “in the news” section of your digital resume or portfolio

This is a follow-up piece to my post “The Art of Self Advocacy” first published Mar 2, 2020

As I continue to update my online portfolio, I wanted to find a better way to showcase a section of news coverage — those pieces that were written by others, but where I am quoted, talked about in-length, or make an appearance. I found that this material was buried in my “Published Works” section — not really an appropriate section header given I am not the one who published the “works” at all.

So I decided to create a new blog category I call “In the News” so I could create mini-features that not only showcase the stories others written, but also say thank you to the great writers at WSU Insider, WSU Magazine, Moscow-Pullman Daily News, and others who have helped me share my expertise and stories for many years.

It is an evolving section I hope will grow over time. Excited to now have a place to honor other writers.

In The News

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