Integrating Zoom with Blackboard: 3 Quick Steps


Before the #StayInPlace orders were issued for #COVID19 and we were informed of our need to move our in-person classes online, I used Zoom regularly for committee meetings, meetings with colleagues, and occasional meet-ups with vendors. I was open to using it with my 500 and 700-level online graduate students – but the occasion never came up. Therefore, I never had a need to integrate the tool with Blackboard, nor did I take the time to learn how. That is until March 25 when I realized my recurring Zoom links set up in Outlook failed and then #Zoombombing became a thing.

So – if you have not yet made this shift, I have THREE (suggested) quick steps to share that can help you get set up. Here we go…

Before you begin…

  1. Log in to Blackboard at using your WSU credential
  2. Access the course space where you want to add Zoom
  3. Open a new tab and log in to Zoom at using your WSU credential
  • Step 1: Add “Zoom Meeting” to your Blackboard course space.

    1) Go to the + sign in the top left above the course title
    2) Select Tool Link
    3) In the pull-down menu, select “Zoom Meeting”
    4) Type in a title for your Zoom meetups (e.g. Live Zoom Sessions or Recorded Zoom Sessions)
    5) Select the box that says “Available to Users”
    6) Note that it will show up at the bottom of your list in the left column. If you want to move it up, I suggest using the up/down arrow for re-ordering the list.

    Blackboard main menu
    Blackboard main menu
    Reorder menu
  • Step 2: Manage & schedule meetings

    On the main Zoom screen you can manage upcoming meetings, view previous meetings, access your personal meeting room, and view Cloud recordings. You can start from this screen, as well as delete meetings. To schedule a meeting a meeting, follow these steps:

    1) Select Schedule a New Meeting
    2) Fill out the meeting info and set the date and time
    3) To limit Zoombombing risks, it is recommended you leave the new default setting for a required password in place
    4) Save

    If you want to add it to your calendar, select “Add to” calendar and it will download an .ics file. From there you can add other attendees if needed.

    Zoom – schedule a meeting
    Schedule a meeting form
    Zoom add to calendar feature
  • Step 3: Access recorded Zoom sessions in your course space

    1) Return to the main Zoom menu
    2) Select the Cloud Recordings tab
    3) Select the recording you want to view
    4) Here you can download or share the recording, audio file, and/or chat file. Students are able to access the recording with video/audio or audio only.

    Zoom Cloud recording screen
    Faculty view of Zoom recordings

Learn more

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