Be the light for those who are afraid of the dark

Finding positivity in the mire of chaos is no small feat. For many, it is easier to succumb to fear and sadness than crawl to the surface to reach the light. I have spent my fair share of time in fetal on the floor when crisis overwhelms. I have cried until no tears were left and pleaded with God for mercy. But always, after acknowledging the hurt, I rise up.

We have been home for more than 160 days. Our stories are all the same. 
We have all lost our ability to move freely, travel broadly, congregate with abandon. 
We can no longer visit our elder parents without risk or give hugs to friends. 
We wear masks, stand six feet apart from fellow humans, use hand sanitizer as a lifeline. 
Plans are canceled, kids are homeschooled, sports are on hiatus. 
Small businesses are struggling and large corporations are folding. 
Relationships are strained, unemployment is rampant, mental health is precarious. 
All around us is civil unrest and bombardment of bad news. 
Our futures are unknown. 
Others decide what happens next. 
COVID is in charge now.

In our respective powerlessness, we can be arbiters of negativity.
We can find our shine and optimize it at home and in our work.
Our hidden talents can inspire others if we share it; talk about it.
With guidance, children can hone new skills or become masters in their craft.
We can take walks, exercise at home, meditate, read, or write.
In our reach is the technology that allows us to stay connected, be creative, enhance our credentials.
Instead of traveling, house projects can be attended to or yards beautified.
Without commutes, we can establish alternate schedules, make more time for self-care
In the absence of in-person meetings, we can shift our focus from appearances to finding comfort in our own skin.
We can embrace the unknown.
We can redefine future goals.
We can reclaim things we thought were lost.

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