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Student Work – Spring 2021

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I teach two classes at Washington State University in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication where students & teams run #digital campaigns for targeted initiatives and mock companies.

I created a Twitter list and an Instagram collection to showcase their feeds. Please support them as they run campaigns over the next month. Like! Follow! Share! Comment!

Below is a list of all student and team-created websites built in Weebly.

COMSTRAT 310 Digital Content Promotion

The main goal of this course is to introduce students to key ideas, principles, and tactics for writing for digital content, creating and executing a digital campaign and understanding core concepts in tracking and measuring the effectiveness of digital communications. All campaigns are created in teams of 5 students and represent advocacy initiatives in areas such as mental health, travel, sustainability, health and wellness, and fashion.

COMSTRAT 563 Prof. Digital Content Promotion

Course is designed to help students apply writing, critical thinking, and persuasion skills to the practice and promotion of PR and advertising, in both digital and social media outlets. Students explore various digital promotion technologies, as well as the use of emerging social media to study their ethical application in both advertising and PR. All companies are mock companies created for educational purposes.

VanVenture is dedicated to providing resources, ideas, and connections to individuals interested in living a van life. We help users find renovated vans, services for customizing vans, DIY resources and videos, and connections for van rentals. We are based in Washington state but serve van lovers globally.

Team: Mae Beuthel, Austin Dempewolf, Mareenah Galang, Danielle Smith, Visili Varlamos

A travel page that provides information regarding budgeting, cultural ideals for local and global adventures. We share information about a wide variety of adventures. We offer bundles, some of which may include; wine tours, hikes, historical tours, and clubs/bars. Homegrown Adventures provides a personalized approach to help create ideal travel situations for our fans and followers. We are committed to promoting the importance of safety regulations during the global pandemic.

Team: Winter Duncan, Tyler Essig, Cortney Gosset, Morgan Jacobson, Keith Justice

Women WorldWide advocates for female adventure seekers and travelers. We are committed to helping women feel safe and confident when traveling. Whether you are taking a solo trip or traveling in a group, we want to help you feel safe throughout your journey. From safety tools reviews, to where to find affordable flights, we got you covered with research we conduct before giving it the WW passport stamp of approval. We are a group of young women that know traveling solo can be scary, we want you to feel empowered to explore the world. Let us help you have ease of mind so you can make memories for a lifetime. We are based in Washington state but we have a sisterhood that reaches around the world.

Team: Arielle Argel, Tianah Jameson, Steffi Ludahl, Emma Miller, Holly Walker

Food is Fuel aims to provide college women with resources to end the culture of eating disorders and binge drinking. By educating the public and raising awareness towards these societal problems, we hope to end its harmful cycle. Our services are tailored to women on the west coast. ​We hope to foster an environment where women feel safe to talk about their struggles with eating disorders, binge drinking, and other harmful social stigmas. Being college women ourselves, we have seen first-hand how hard it can be for young women to find help, resources, or even conversations about this topic. 

Team: Mindy Malone, Kyla Morrison, Saydee Phothivongs, Katie Snowberger, Madison Wick

The women who created Bliss have unique perspectives on beauty and healthy living. Our company strives to provide a welcoming community where users of our products and healthy living education can support one another. Our organization is here to support and motivate women of all ages. We value individuality and understand everyone has different needs in the form of self care. Our promise is to promote quality beauty products that are paraban and toxin free as well as other healthy modes of living. Our methods, sources, and research will be shared on our blog and website so that our efforts to bring you the highest quality products are transparent. 

Team: Madeline Farris, Hannah Norman, Amy Rooney, Aspen Shumpert, Clany Wauren

We aim to improve the environmental standards of coffee consumers in the Pacific Northwest. We plan to give our our Clean Caffeine Initiative “seal of approval” to coffee shops around the PNW that share our values for sustainability, ethics, and a good cup of coffee. We support fair trade certified coffee that is sustainably grown and produced. When we say fair trade, we take initiative to support equal opportunity and fair treatment. Everything from the production process, to price paid between producers and companies is truthful.

Team: Libby Hults, Jon Kalveano, Niall Plunkett, Nicole Satou, Nicolina Williams

We are an advocacy group that connects kids in sports. We give children the opportunity to participate in sports and any other physical activities. We are open and welcoming. No matter the background you come from we just want to give everyone the chance to get into sports. ​ Our overall goal at Sports Stop is to get the younger generation of Western Washington involved in sports at a reasonable price that most anyone can afford. ​

Team: Rory Brown, Abby Calvert, Dawson Duncan, Nicole Lenton, Elizabeth Perrin

Recycled Riches is a sustainability-focused initiative located in the Pacific Northwest. RR promotes organizations who craft affordable, ethically-made clothing from recycled materials. We love our earth-lovers and want to partner with them in saving the planet. By sharing links, resources, and information about recycled clothing brands and retailers, we want to make a difference and positive impact on the world.

Team: Jolie Boget, Mason Guustino, Emma Gunter, Patty Kieburtz, Saxon Piksa

310 Showcase – Spr21

Created in Adobe Spark

Showcase of COMSTRAT 310: Digital Content Promotion

Nathan Berhe: Sustainable retail fashion brand based in LA but ships nationally

Emily Bontrager: Photo tours around the city + photo tips, family portraits

Trica Bruckbauer: 9-mo fellowship program for millennials and young people with a focus on leadership

Marcie Carrell: No-Harm Charm Farm: Educational enrichment for school-age children in grades K-12 based in Yakima, WA

Joanne Clemitson: Café offering a safe and relaxed social setting for prospective dog adopters to meet dogs in the care of local animal shelter staff.

Rachel Cormier: An organization dedicated to helping military spouses find jobs and maintain careers as they transition around the world

Rebecca Derry: Organization focused on helping young adults become financially literate

Julie Dumlao: On-a-ski-run, mobile, micro-kiosk that serves a mini-selection of hot beverages and water. Runs as a nonprofit with proceeds going to a fictional charity called Ski Bridge

Valerie Eliason: Helping people and bringing communities together using creativity as a way to bridge the deep divides in the community

Zackery Ellis: Building awareness about outdoor recreation opportunities in Greece

Zoe Hammes-Hefti: Nonprofit delivering curated boxes of products from local Olympia small businesses

Mykel Johnson: Indigenous production company  focused on creating content for TV, social media, corporate promotions, commercials, and other media

Bethany Kennedy: Outdoor recreation company based in Issaquah, WA

Chelsea Keyes: Ballroom company in Tacoma, WA used for parties and celebrations for young girls

Geoff Lopez: initiative to develop more bicycle lanes throughout Clark County, WA

Josh Lozano: : Group fitness program with accountability component

Cyrille McIntosh: Made in Manitoba: subscription box service featuring locally owned businesses

Aronn Rhinehart: Video game-themed 5k running event

Jennifer Rizzi: Virtual training company that teaches sales teams how to create and use video to connect with buyers

Rachel Wall: Artisan-style, whole grain bakery in Woodland, WA

Natalie Weaver: COVID-19 vaccination program

Timothy Westphal: Mental health and professional development initiative that seeks to build and foster an online community of people who desire to be whole-brain thinkers.

Alair Woods: Mission 22 Re-Purpose and Re-Home – adopting animals from rescues and training them to be service animals for veterans

Warren Wright: : Nonprofit employment services organization for veterans of the US Armed Services

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