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Conscious Onboarding: 10 Ways to Support New Online Instructor

Conscious Onboarding Evolllution article

In the scramble of expanding online programs, colleges often neglect to establish a formal onboarding process to address the unique challenges of online instruction—putting faculty confidence and retention at risk. Article originally published in The Evolllution Oct 17, 2019

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Connecting with Students from a Distance: 10 Ways to Stay Engaged Inside and Outside the Learning Environment [infographic]

Evolllution article 2 cover

Connecting with Students from a Distance: 10 Ways to Stay Engaged Inside and Outside the Learning Environment. Article originally published in The Evolllution June 22, 2000

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Professor as online student: 3 big take-aways; 3 weeks in

Online Teaching Tips - professor as student

This is the 2nd installment of my journey “on the other side of the webcam” – professor as online student. Here are three big take-aways now that I am three weeks in. #lifelonglearning

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From the other side of the webcam: Perspectives of a professor as online student

Online Teaching Tips - professor as student

The tables have turned. I am now an online student. My journey through five classes at Oregon State University Learning Experience Design Certificate has begun. I have so much to learn. This experience will not only advance me on my pathway toward an XD specialization, it will enhance my skills as an instructor. This first post marks the beginning of a new era in Online Teaching Tips. This time it’s from the other side of the webcam. #lifelonglearning #onlineteaching #onlineeducation

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“Online Teaching Tips” Roundup: The Collection

Online Teaching Tips - The Collection

First launched on Mar 11, 2020, “Online Teaching Tips” was created at the dawn of #COVID19 in response to WSU faculty needs as they moved in-person classes online. The journey continues. This is my collection. #OneWSU #WSUTogether #WAZZOOM #MurrowGoesVirtual #OnlineCougs #GoCougs

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Sawyer Moss… daughter, student, photographer, budding entrepreneur

Online Teaching Tips - Sawyer

Meet Sawyer. Yes, she is our daughter, but she is also a full-time student in business and entrepreneurship at Western Washington University and budding photographer. For more than 6 weeks she has been home helping to run the house while also supporting our teaching efforts from behind the camera. We appreciate her so much and want to celebrate this lovely young woman.

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You survived. Now reflect. 5 simple questions to ask yourself [template]

Online Teaching Tips - Pause, Reflect, Act

As we near the end of this journey of moving our in-person classes online, I encourage faculty to take the time to pause, reflect, act – a simple exercise that will not only help you process all you have experienced, but help you improve and evolve as we move forward into the next chapter of life. #Template provided. #MurrowGoesVirtual #WSUTogether #onlineteaching

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Mini User Design (UX) Case Study: In-Person to Online During COVID19

Online Teaching Tips - Mini UX Design Case Study

After attending a user experience (UX) design boot camp over the weekend, I was inspired to create my first Adobe XD project featuring a personal journey mini UX design case study about the process of transferring my in-person classes to online during COVID19. #MurrowGoesVirtual #WSUTogether #UXDesign

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Almost There… 5 Tips to Keep Moving Forward

Online Teaching Tips - Staying Fresh

Counting finals week, we have just over two weeks left of spring semester. Despite the fatigue, I want to uplift faculty and encourage you to not lose momentum! Here are 5 tips for keeping it fresh and #keepmovingforward. You are almost there. #KeepGoing #OneWSU #WSUTogether #MurrowGoesVirtual

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#CougsHelpCougs: A call for stories of lost opportunities

Online Teaching Tips - What's Your Story

As news of canceled internships continue to be shared, I am sending out another call for stories from students. This is a place to journal, share loss, and seek support. I will give them voice so they can #keepgoing and #keepgrowing. #GoCougs #MurrowGoesVirtual

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