Creative Activities

Director, Murrow Online Programs 2014-present

Center for Civic Engagement Projects in COMSTRAT 383 2018-present

IFeelInspired site logo
WaCLA #IFeelInspired PR Campaign 2015-2020

WSU Creative Jam Live
Adobe Creative Jam Live 2018-2019

I am committed to sustaining active involvement, personal growth, and support of my creative service commitments to programs that support student experiential learning, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and entrepreneurial activities.

My main objective in creative and scholarly activities centers in digital literacy and the goal of helping others achieve confidence and proficiency in integrated digital communication strategies and tactics. Through curriculum design, experiential learning opportunities and consulting activities, it is my goal to learn, apply and share knowledge about building sustainable initiatives for developing, creating, navigating and measuring the effectiveness of digital tools, assets, and campaigns. Over the past five years, I have served in capacities of the instructor, research associate, fellow and consultant on a variety of grants, externships and special projects related to transformative new media.

Going forward I will maintain my role as Director of Murrow Online Programs, continue my commitment to creating and supporting in-curriculum CCE projects, and continue to seek opportunities to build an international reputation through publishing, board members, awards, and other activities.

Guest Lectures & Presentations

Multiple times each year I serve on panels, lead training sessions, or serve as a guest lecture in classes or at student club meetings.

Guest speaker, American Women in Communication: Feb 2020

Guest speaker, P.L.A.N. faculty-led workshop: Feb 2020

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