WaCLA #IFeelInspired

WaCLA #IFeelInspired


Role: Faculty Mentor, digital content creator

In January 2020 the Washington Consortium for the Liberal Arts (WaCLA) officially launched the #ifeelinspired campaign – a statewide outreach effort designed to encourage a re-envisioning of liberal arts through the discovery of one’s own creativity. Led by Murrow College Clinical Associate Professor Rebecca Cooney and a rotating team of 13 WSU students representing four liberal arts disciplines, the team utilized $10,000 from the WaCLA PR Campaign Award to conceptualize, design, and implement #ifeelinspired – an integrated digital marketing campaign that includes a website, repeatable and sustainable social media engagement strategy, public relations, grassroots outreach, and original photography and video featuring volunteers from Pullman High School liberal arts students and teachers. The campaign will run for two years on WaCLA social media channels with the goal of building awareness of the value of liberal arts education, creating renewed interest in sharing the outcomes of creativity, and celebrating moments of student expression.

Campaign-related URLs:

Campaign Digital Tools:

  • Wix: website
  • Google Analytics: website metrics
  • Dropbox: document storage and sharing
  • Hootsuite: social media scheduling and metrics
  • Facebook: social media engagement
  • Twitter: social media engagement
  • Canva: digital content creation
  • Adobe Spark: digital content creation
  • Adobe Stock: purchased stock images
  • Adobe Premier: video editing
  • Adobe Lightroom: photo editing
  • Drone, video camera: video capture

#ifeelinspired #wacla #findyourspark #liberalarts

Total Budget: $10,000

Faculty Mentors:

  • Rebecca Cooney, Murrow Clinical Associate Professor: 2016-2020
  • Ryan Risenmay, Murrow Clinical Assistant Professor: 2016-2018
  • Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Global Education, College of Arts & Sciences: 2016-2018

Student Contributors (2016-2019):

  • Kevin Schilling, Team Leader (History)
  • Adrienne Fountain (Music)
  • Alonso López-Mesa (DTC)
  • Jorge Barbosa (DTC)
  • Zach Malmberg (Comm)
  • Max Thon (Comm)
  • Gary Narwal (Comm)
  • Andrew Tabit (Comm)
  • Sophia Steele (Comm)
  • Jordan Buckles (Comm)
  • Danielle Fox  (Comm)
  • Alyssa Gonzalez (Comm)

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