I believe in lifelong learning.

Professional Pathways Series: Never Stop Learning

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In May 2020 I launched a Professional Pathways microblog series for faculty and students as they navigate their future and evolve professionally. #LifelongLearning #KeepGoing #KeepGrowing

Professional Pathways - Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio Tips & Tricks

Online portfolios remain a hot topic – especially among upper division students ready for internships, as well as professionals poised to market themselves better and demonstrate core competencies. Here are some tips and tricks on what to feature and creating write-ups for context. #keepgoing #keepgrowing

Professional Pathways - thank you

Thank you. It means a lot.

Giving thanks is easy. Ideally, it is also automatic. Everyone is busy – but we are not too busy to take a few minutes to show appreciation to those who give us their time, treasure, or talent. Here are 5 low-cost, low-impact ways to show gratitude. #givethanks #keepgrowing

Professional Pathways - LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Profile: 10 Essentials for Students & New Grads

Students and recent grads – you MUST be on LinkedIn. It’s not optional. It will take you less than 2 hours to set it up or update it. I’ve streamlined the noise. Here are 10 essentials for your profile backed up by experts. Don’t overthink it. Do it now! #KeepGoing #KeepGrowing.


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Online Teaching Tips… a microblog series

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On March 13, 2020 I launched the Online Teaching Tips microblog series. I created the series because of the immediate need for Washington State University faculty to move their in-person classes to 100% online. I have worked in the field of professional communication for more than 25 years. I have been a clinical associate professor of strategic communication at Washington State University for more than eight years. I have more than six years of experience building and managing online courses. In response to #COVID19 and stay-at-home orders, I created this series as a place I can share some of the knowledge I have picked up over the years and insights I continue to acquire through research and experience.

I focus on the needs of WSU faculty and students vs. the general public. I include references to expert resources, best practices, tips and techniques in various subject areas with the goal of providing quick, digestible, and immediately applicable tips.

310 waiting room slide

Tutorial: How to make a Zoom Waiting Room slide in Canva

Updated Oct 4, 2020 As you set up for your live, synchronous online classes, it’s nice for the students to have something to look at. I also play music from my Spotify lists to keep things lively. If you want to create an interactive Waiting Room slide – check out my tutorial below. I want […]

Conscious Onboarding Evolllution article

Conscious Onboarding: 10 Ways to Support New Online Instructor

In the scramble of expanding online programs, colleges often neglect to establish a formal onboarding process to address the unique challenges of online instruction—putting faculty confidence and retention at risk. Article originally published in The Evolllution Oct 17, 2019

Online Teaching Tips - professor as student

From the other side of the webcam: Perspectives of a professor as online student

The tables have turned. I am now an online student. My journey through five classes at Oregon State University Learning Experience Design Certificate has begun. I have so much to learn. This experience will not only advance me on my pathway toward an XD specialization, it will enhance my skills as an instructor. This first post marks the beginning of a new era in Online Teaching Tips. This time it’s from the other side of the webcam. #lifelonglearning #onlineteaching #onlineeducation

Online Teaching Tips - The Collection

“Online Teaching Tips” Roundup: The Collection

First launched on Mar 11, 2020, “Online Teaching Tips” was created at the dawn of #COVID19 in response to WSU faculty needs as they moved in-person classes online. The journey continues. This is my collection. #OneWSU #WSUTogether #WAZZOOM #MurrowGoesVirtual #OnlineCougs #GoCougs

Online Teaching Tips - Sawyer

Sawyer Moss… daughter, student, photographer, budding entrepreneur

Meet Sawyer. Yes, she is our daughter, but she is also a full-time student in business and entrepreneurship at Western Washington University and budding photographer. For more than 6 weeks she has been home helping to run the house while also supporting our teaching efforts from behind the camera. We appreciate her so much and want to celebrate this lovely young woman.


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