NaPDI Portal

NaPDI site

Years 1-4 (2015-2019)

  • Conducted user-based studies
    • User-based study #1: Two focus groups with future researchers – web functionality, brand and messaging
    • User-based study #2: User persona questionnaire – pharmacist and researcher web usage requirements, preferences, and behaviors
    • User-based study #3: preliminary user testing of repository and portal
  • Develop NaPDI visual identity (logo, font, color palette)
  • Conducted a website content analysis to identify impressions of positive and negative attributes of other center and institutes sites
  • Completed preliminary content collection and population of the portal
  • Developed sitemap and determine content workflow process
  • Created low fidelity portal outline and content audit documents
  • Developed NaPDI user personas and use cases based on outcomes from the user-based studies
  • Maintained and updated the portal with new content as needed and new site features including new plugins (e.g. scroll to the top, link checker, browser tests), responsive-design configuration, rearranging and consolidation of content, and updated content workflow to improve efficiencies with updates and changes
  • Created a style guide for application within the portal and repository. These include editorial and visual standards that build credibility and create efficiencies and consistencies across the portal and repository. Editorial standards include narrative style, references, naming conventions, and formatting. We also established visual standards for images and diagrams.
  • We updated and expanded Google Analytics and metrics capabilities by setting the repository up with Google Analytics and adjusting site settings to they are both recognized by search engines. We can now see how users interact with the portal and repository and create metrics report showing the intersection.
  • Provided ongoing support of user testing activities and results verification as needed
  • Created draft User Persona-Based KPIs and User Path Analysis using DDI Scientist Jessica (Appendix 1.0)
  • Created a draft User Engagement Process for NaPDI to establish a framework for establishing a communications strategy for the soft release of the portal (Appendix 1.1)

Created of a suite of draft outreach materials including Quick Facts, blan

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