UI/UX for Experience Design

Course #1

June 1 – July 12, 2020 with instructor Caesar Wirichaga, Head Of Design at AudioEye, Inc.

Course Overview: In this course we learned foundational principles and skills for user experience designers. Topics covered included overview of visual design, user research, information architecture, usability, low fidelity prototyping, the principles of accessibility, the role of emotions in design, and how to incorporate the principles of gamification throughout learning experiences.

Assignment Overview: Each week we had three types of assignments: individual, small-group, and whole-class discussions. Each week built upon the previous to help us build a new set of design skills. For our individual assignment, we created a learning design project of our choice. I am working on building an online community for faculty who teach online classes using Canvas. I selected the initial build of that community as the focus for my assignment. I created a working prototype and case study.

Weeks 1-6: Creating a Prototype for the Murrow Online Community

Case Study: Creating a Virtual Community – A Case Study in Developing the Murrow Online Community in Canvas: A Virtual Space Designed Specifically for Faculty Teaching Online Classes

Oregon State University

Learning Experience Design (LXD) Certificate | Oregon State University | Professional & Continuing Education

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