Mar 11-Apr 12… Reflections & Moving Forward

Online Teaching Tips - Keep Going

As we head into the fourth week of 100% online course delivery, I took some time today to reflect and contemplate what’s next. 3 weeks down and 4 to go. Stay present, build community, and find creativity in chaos. #KeepGoing #MurrowGoesVirtual #OneWSU

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Best-laid plans of Zoom and engagement often go awry

Online Teaching Tips - 3 weeks in

We are all familiar with the “best-laid plans” proverb. At the end of week 3 my lessons learned and journey of adjustments continue. Read on, laugh with me, and maybe gain a few insights along the way. #WAZZOOM #One WSU #GoCougs

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Teach what you are learning… ASAP

Online Teaching Tips - Teach what you learn

Most of us learn something new every day. We bookmark it, file it, save it for a future course reference. This time of virtual teaching is perfect for capitalizing on teaching what you learn… now. Put it to work immediately and witness the retention. #MurrowGoesVirtual #onlineteaching #retention #knowledge

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Are we O-K now that we are on-line?

Online Teaching Tips - maintaining momentum

Are we O-K now that we are on-line? Reflections and tips on maintaining momentum with online teaching. #OneWSU #WAZZOOM

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Day 2: My head is exploding. Does it show?

Online Teaching Tips - Zoom Diaries

Day 2 in a synchronous world of course content delivery. My head exploded. I hope it doesn’t show. Enjoy my journey friends. #mylinkbroke #wewillbeok

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“Online Teaching Tips” from Rebecca – a new blog series

Online Teaching Tips

New micro-blog series – Rebecca’s Online Teaching Tips now live #onlinelearning #onlineteaching

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5 Tips: Video Lectures from Home

Online Teaching Tips - Video Lectures

Online teaching tips for recording video lectures from home. #Panopto #videolectures

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