Are we O-K now that we are on-line?

Online Teaching Tips - maintaining momentum

Are we O-K now that we are on-line? Reflections and tips on maintaining momentum with online teaching. #OneWSU #WAZZOOM

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Day 2: My head is exploding. Does it show?

Online Teaching Tips - Zoom Diaries

Day 2 in a synchronous world of course content delivery. My head exploded. I hope it doesn’t show. Enjoy my journey friends. #mylinkbroke #wewillbeok

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Day 1 reflections & adjustments: Lessons in adapting in real-time

Online Teaching Tips - Day 1

One formerly in-person class now online on the books. Just 17 more to go. Reflections, adjustments, and lessons in adapting in real-time. #onlineteaching

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T-minus 22-ish hours until launch: Quick list of 5 things to make sure you are ready

Online Teaching Tips- 22 hours

22-ish hours until our in-person classes launch online. Quick list of 5 things to make sure you are ready. #onlineteaching

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Accepting a new normal: 6 Tips for teaching from home [infographic]

Online Teaching Tips - New Normal

Accepting a new normal: 6 Tips for teaching from home [infographic]

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Transitions and a lyrical poem of gratitude to my students

Online Teaching Tips - Ode to Students

An ode to my students… oh how I miss you so (even though it is Spring Break and we would not be together anyway). But still…

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Meet the “meh” student & 5 things to know about those who are not used to taking online classes :)

Online Teaching Tips - Meh Student

Meet the “meh” student and 5 things to know about those not used to taking online classes 🙂 #onlineteaching

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re: “Class X moves online”… a journey in change management

Online Teaching Tips - Change Curve

A look at the impacts of The Change Curve as it relates to shifting in-person classes to online while creating an addendum to the course schedule for the remaining 5 weeks of class. #changecurve #onlineteaching

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We are all #OneWSU

Online Teaching Tips - Online Cougs

We are all #OneWSU. In addition to reaching out to students in our in-person classes, let’s also remember our #OnlineCougs and acknowledge the impact #COVID19 has on their lives as well. #onlineteaching #distancelearning #gocougs

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Online course planning survey: Meeting students where they are today

Online Teaching Tips - online student survey

Create an online course planning survey to get a better idea of where your students are today #onlineteaching #MurrowGoesViral

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