We are all #OneWSU

Online Teaching Tips - Online Cougs

We are all #OneWSU. In addition to reaching out to students in our in-person classes, let’s also remember our #OnlineCougs and acknowledge the impact #COVID19 has on their lives as well. #onlineteaching #distancelearning #gocougs

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Online course planning survey: Meeting students where they are today

Online Teaching Tips - online student survey

Create an online course planning survey to get a better idea of where your students are today #onlineteaching #MurrowGoesViral

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Blackboard Do’s & Don’ts: Quick tips on building your course space

Online Teaching Series - Course Space

Blackboard Do’s and Don’ts: Quick tips on building your course space #onlineteaching #onlinelearning #youcandothis

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“Online Teaching Tips” from Rebecca – a new blog series

Online Teaching Tips

New micro-blog series – Rebecca’s Online Teaching Tips now live #onlinelearning #onlineteaching

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5 Tips: Video Lectures from Home

Online Teaching Tips - Video Lectures

Online teaching tips for recording video lectures from home. #Panopto #videolectures

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Panopto: Enabling Student Recording

Online Teaching Tips - Student Recording

Instructions for enabling Panopto for student recording in Blackboard.

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Zoom for Teaching: 3 Quick Tips for Student Engagement

3 tips for using Zoom as part of distance instruction: office hours, screen-sharing, and remote control. #onlinelearning #zoom #videoconference

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