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The main goal of this course is to introduce students to key ideas, principles, and tactics for writing for digital content, creating and executing a digital campaign and understanding core concepts in tracking and measuring the effectiveness of digital communications.

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Writing course with emphasis on writing for earned, social, and owned mediums. The focus is in public relations, digital media (blogs, web content, email, social media), print publications, company messaging and business papers.

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Course focuses on the process of creating effective marketing communications materials for business including best practices for both digital and print platforms. It encompasses standards from both a PR and advertising perspective.


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Course is designed to help students apply writing, critical thinking, and persuasion skills to the practice and promotion of PR and advertising, in both digital and social media outlets. Students explore various digital promotion technologies, as well as the use of emerging social media to study their ethical application in both advertising and PR.


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The curriculum demonstrates a student’s mastery of core MA Strategic Communication concepts through a comprehensive exam and professional online portfolio. We assess three core attributes: critical thinking, written communication, and creativity.


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15-week course providing faculty with real-time coaching and guidance in best practices for designing and delivering online courses. Key themes included instructional design principles for online course delivery, student engagement strategies and techniques, and building community in the virtual space.

online and virtual/synchronous

Other Courses

SUSI 2013
310 students at The Spark
Murrow Gear photo shoot (Sum 2013)
Students of COMSTRAT 383
310 during the Pandemic
Teaching during the Pandemic

Study of the US Institutes (SUSI)

Course: New Media & Journalism (Sum 2013)

Study of the US Institutes (SUSI) Program. Served as one of three core faculty, my five-week intensive course included orienting and teaching students foundational skills in digital technologies and techniques, providing hands-on experience in blogging, web development, social media engagement, journalistic content, search engine optimization and metrics, as well as introducing and demonstrating practical application in the intersection of journalism and marketing in digital platforms and online tools.

COMSTRAT 475: PR Campaigns Seminar

Throughout the five weeks students created, managed and measure effectiveness of brand, message, online newsroom and content (i.e. features, talking points, product features), blog posts, social media engagement, photography, and video + actively engage in fulfilling a content message strategy with the use of Google alerts + sharing of industry blog content, Twitter feeds and articles.

COMSTRAT 475: Murrow Gear Soft Launch

The course focused on Internet Marketing and a campaign’s four primary components: foundation, focus, assets and metrics. The course centered on the strategy, development, execution and measurement of a comprehensive internet marketing campaign in support of the soft launch of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication line of merchandise over a 5-week intensive timeline.

COMSTRAT 381: Creative Media Strategies & Techniques for PR and Advertising

The online undergraduate-level course focuses on the process of creating effective marketing communications materials for business with an emphasis on advertising. Students learn the strategies, processes, procedures, and steps involved in creating marketing communications materials for a variety of different media.

COMSTRAT 476: Consumer Insights & Branding

Washington State University – The course is designed to guide students through the development of an integrated communications plan while providing instruction on the role and expectations placed upon account planners. The curriculum focuses on the value of research, the process of creative concept development and best practices in media buying, communication analysis and project management.

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