Training & Facilitation Services

Rebecca Cooney

As an educator in professional communication and leader in designing and delivering online courses and programs, I am often asked to serve on panels, contribute to webinars, and design training programs. Throughout the year I design training programs, serve on panels or webinars, and write for multiple publications.


Training Programs

I have been designing training programs and courses for in-person and online delivery for more than 20 years. Topics include web development, success in online meetings, online training program design, personal brand, creating an interactive classroom, and digital content creation tutorials.
* Small and large groups
* In-person and virtual
* Short and long-courses
* For-credit and non-credit

Contributing Author

I am a contributing author for Evolllution – a publication devoted to those who administer or teach continued education and online programs. I also run my own blog and regularly contribute to Medium.

Panel Presenter & Moderator

I regularly serve on panels as a representative of online education, experiential learning, service-learning projects, personal brand and self-promotion, professor of practice, and career development.

I serve as a panel moderator at annual symposia, special series, and events geared toward professional development, career advancements, creating an interactive classroom, designing online programs, creating online classes, and marketing small businesses


I have led and contributed to several webinars for more than 8 years. Topics include personal brand, career development, adapting to change, value of experiential learning, and creating a professional portfolio.

Recent Activity
Career Adaptability July 7

Role: Panel Moderator

July 7, 2020

Change requires everyone involved to adapt. Join Lance Lijewski, Media Director of The Coug and The Land, and Rachel Rhomberg, Account Executive at Amazon Advertising as they share their career transformation experiences and discuss ways to be more reactive than resistant to change.

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WiSE training

Role: Training Facilitator

July 22, 2020

With continued mandates for social distancing, online course delivery, and virtual meetings, it is important that WiSE faculty, postdocs, and students embrace technology and practices for online interpersonal communication. This includes developing skills in personal presentation etiquette and building community in formal and informal meet-ups. Through this training, participants will gain confidence in hosting and attending meetings and overcome the power differential so they can influence ideas and be heard despite the limitations of the medium.

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AEJMC Summer 2020

Role: Panelist & Presenter

Aug 6-9, 2020

AEJMC Scholastic Division: Remote Teaching Panel… “We’ve Got This: Best Practices in Online Teaching, and How Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication Prepares Us for the Big Pivot Online” (Friday, Aug 8: 3:15-4:45pm)

AEJMC VisCom Teaching Innovation Panel (Teaching Marathon)… “Canva in 5 and the Elation of Creation” (Sat, Aug 9: 3-4:30pm)

Experiential Learning

Role: Panelist

July 15, 2020

At Murrow College we pride ourselves on learning while doing, so the July 15 Murrow Minutes was all about experiential learning! Faculty members spoke about what you can expect in some of our classes.

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Role: Panelist

July 31, 2020

Session will explore eService-Learning best practices and insights from faculty who have experience teaching online courses with both virtual/remote and in-person engagement opportunities.

> Rebecca Cooney, Clinical Associate Professor of Strategic Communication – WSU
> Melissa Landers-Potts, Senior Lecturer in the Dept of Human Development and Family Science, University of Georgia
> Kathy Thompson, Clinical Professor, Middle Grades Education Program, Department of Educational Theory & Practice, University of Georgia

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